Who we are

Tongariro maunga (mountain) is held in high esteem and has cultural significance to our people. We live here and our maori ancestry ties us to this land.


Our ancestor, Ngatoro-i-rangi, first climbed Tongariro and claimed this land for his people who live here today, Ngati Tuwharetoa.


Tongariro National Park is a dual world heritage site for its natural landscape and cultural heritage. On your transport shuttle journey we share our stories so you are enlightened with our values of guardianship, care and the respect we hold for our maunga, Tongariro, and the spiritual connection that we hope will enrich your experience while safely hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.



“I arrive where unknown land lies beneath my feet
I arrive where unknown skies rise above me
I arrive upon this new land, o land
This stranger offers its heart as food for thee

— Incantation of Ngatoro-i-rangi, it is the beginning, the future and the never ending connection to these lands.



  • Our whanau (family) consist of carpark staff and transport shuttle operators who live or affiliate to the sub-tribe Ngati Hikairo-ki-Tongariro, who reside around Tongariro maunga.
  • Our Shuttle Operators run their businesses in their own right. We are proud to foster their autonomy and prosperity as enterprising business owners.
  • Our transport shuttle operators are:
    • Active Outdoor Adventures
    • Backyard Tours
    • CrossXRoads (Te Haa o Tongariro)
    • National Park Shuttles, and
    • Tongariro Ancestor Tours (Te Haa o Tongariro)
  • Tongariro Transport Hub is a Limited Partnership Company and Capital Venture of Lake Rotoaira Forest Trust, an organisation that manages and administers Lake Rotoaira Forest on private, maori-owned land estate including land parcels at the base of the northern slopes of Tongariro maunga.